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Oxygen Therapy: Where can You Use It and Why?

Oxygen therapy is a certain therapy that can be given to a patient with certain condition. And in general speaking it is useful in managing the chronic and acute health condition of a person. Pre-hospital setting is commonly known as the parties that use it such as ambulance or other emergency unit in a hospital. Other than that, the patient with that kind of health condition uses the therapy at home due to the long-term period of the issues. It consists of devices and the parties should follow the rule before using the device. How to use it depends on the factors such as where the device is, demand from patient and condition-at-the-moment, and opinion from medical professional for the current condition of patient.

For the acute situation, the device is used both in ambulance and the hospital due to the medical emergency. It is useful to resuscitate the patient in certain conditions (trauma, anaphylaxis, and hypothermia) while in the ambulance. When it is in chronic situation, the device of oxygen therapy is supposed to transfer the supply of oxygen to the patient. Mostly it is due to the effect of smoking in long-term usage. The patient needs the therapy occasionally or even permanently based on the current condition.

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