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Natural Remedies to Fight Menstrual Cramps

For about 40-70% of women, menstrual period is a monthly cycle that they wish to not come as soon as possible. Why? Because some of them have to fight with different pains and discomfort on abdomen, backs, or breasts. Rather than take away the pains with drugs, how about taking these following natural remedies to fight menstrual cramps?

Applying Warmth

For mild pain or pain that doesn’t last long, hold a hot water bottle or hot damp towel against lower abdomen can help to give soothing feeling. If the bottle is too hot, you can cover it with cloth for not burning your skin. 


Although you might barely move during menstrual cramps, however physical activity helps you to ease your belly pain. When your body highly moved, it will pump more blood to release endorphins that counteract the prostaglandins to reduce the cramps. You also need to follow with regular exercise to reduce the pain during period and overall health.

Consume Healthy Foods or Drinks

Drink warmth chamomile tea, green vegetables, fish with high omeg-3 fatty acids, and fresh fruits such as pineapple. Particularly foods and drinks that contain anti-inflammatory properties can help to decrease the prostaglandin production for relieving the cramps such as tea. You should avoid consume dairy products, red meat, caffeine, alcohol, and too much sugar.

However, if your pains or cramps are getting severe even disturb your daily activities you should see a doctor. You need to check may it can be caused by other causes such as endometriosis, fibroid, or others.

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