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Natural Foods to Prevent Influenza Effectively

Have you known natural foods to prevent influenza effectively? You are recommended to know about it because influenza can be experienced by every people included you. Here the natural foods you can consume to avoid influenza:
  • Orange
It is one of fruits that is very effective to prevent influenza. Orange contains good nutrition to prevent influenza virus in the body.
  • Red Grapes
Red grape is also good to prevent influenza. It contains resveratrol and polyphenol that are good to improve your immunity system and against the influenza virus.
  • Ginger
Not only make your throat become warm and comfort, ginger contains sesquiterpenes that will against and attack influenza virus in the body.
  • Honey
Honey has many benefits for your health and can also prevent influenza virus because contains polyphenol and probiotics.
  • Chicken Soup
Chicken soup can be consumed when the weather is so cool. Not only make your body warm, the ingredients of chicken soup will make your immunity become stronger.

Besides the foods mentioned above, you can also consume yogurt because it contains good bacteria which can obstruct the growth of influenza virus. By consuming natural foods to prevent influenza, you will be free from influenza and always healthy every time.

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