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Love to Drinking Oolong Tea? Know The Side Effects!

Oolong tea is a variant of green tea. Many people often refer to it as a “half-fermented” version of green tea. The reason for this is because when the tea is made, the fresh tea leaves are fermented halfway through the leaves’ enzyme. Green tea is not fermented, while a black tea is 100% fermented. You can say that an oolong tea is like the “limbo” version of the former two tea, as if it is a kind of tea that exists in between the states of fermented and unfermented. As much as this tea is praised for its many benefits though, there are also several side effects of oolong tea that people should be aware of. However, the side effects are not due to the tea’s powerful and beneficial antioxidants, but rather to its caffeine substance.

If someone drink too much caffeine over a long span of time, including the ones that come in the form of oolong tea, they are prone to experiencing irritability, insomnia, dizziness, or even palpitations. A case of caffeine overdose might lead to a more severe symptoms such as diarrhoea, vomiting, appetite loss, and headaches. If symptoms of vomiting or spasms in abdominal areas are present after consuming a great amount of tea, then that person might be positively poisoned with caffeine and should go see a doctor.

Also, certain medications might cause unpleasant side effects when it interacts with oolong tea substance. So if you took a medication and considered adding oolong tea as part of your diet, make sure to consult with a doctor first. People with high caffeine-sensitivity are also prone to getting unpleasant or negative side effects from oolong tea, such as skin rashes or hives. If that is the case, then it is important to avoid oolong tea altogether. There are also considerations of hindered metabolism of iron, concerns of pregnancy, and an increased symptoms of other diseases that people might experience after consuming oolong tea.

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