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Love the Elderly: Protecting Them from Depression

Depression is one of mental disorders felt by many people. The main symptom is being in the blue in constant basis which can disturb the quality of life and increase the dead risk by suicidal. Depression on elderly is not something rare as well. However, as sometimes it is blurred with dementia, so the patients experience what’s called pseudo-dementia which symptom is the significant decreasing memories due to the depression.

The General Symptoms
  •  The overrated blues or sadness
  • The sinking mood
  • Desperate and lose hope
  • Stop doing the normal activities because of fatigue
  • Lose the willingness to move
How to Avoid Depression on Elderly
  •  Having healthy diet and consuming more omega-3 fish oil
  • Doing little but routine exercise. All that matters is to keep moving even just a bit
  • Keep socializing. The best socializing does not depend on how much people in the group but the quality of the relationship which can be the main factor of stress buffering or stress avoidance.
  • Stop smoking and drinking alcohol since young.
Those are all the simple things we have to know about depression on elderly. It does not only save your beloved grandfather, grandmother or parents from depression, but also prepare yourself to get the depression itself when you grow old.

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