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Let’s be Aware with Cataract Symptoms!

Cataract is a disorder which can happen to your eyes. It starts with the cloudiness on the eye’s lens which after that can cause blindness. As the eyes are the precious tools for us to see the magnificence of world, you should take care of your eyes and be aware of the cataract symptoms!
  1. Even when you’ve already worn your glasses, your vision is still blurry. It can happen because the eye’s lens is cloudy.
  2. Those who have cataract will find it uncomfortable to see the light, like too dazzling and dark if seeing the lamp’s light or the sunlight.
  3. The typical cataract symptom is the brighter vision in the indoor that in the outdoor.
  4. Slowly, a white stain appears in the eyeball which will grow wider and causes blindness.
Aside from age, the exposure to the UV rays can speed up the appearance of cataract. Hence, it’s highly suggested for you to wear sunglasses whenever you have outdoor activities to protect the eyes from UV rays.

There is no such thing like medicine which can cure cataract. The only way to get rid of the cataract is by having an operation. Although the operation is not so painful, still it’s better to be aware with the cataract symptoms so you can avoid the severe damages.

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