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Learn How to Make Natural Hair Mask Here, Get Healthy Hair

The crown of, especially every woman, is her hair. A healthy hair is one of the most important part. The beauty can be captured through hair, even for those who are in veils. Let’s see how hair mask is made. As simple as making a face mask, hair mask contains from some natural ingredients. It can be from avocado. This green fruit is an extremely good friend for taking care of damage hair. Prepare one avocado and a half of glass milk, plus virgin coconut oil. Mix and apply to hair for 15 minutes, rinse.

After avocado, another fruity friend we can have is this little red strawberry. This little red strawberry has a lot of benefits, and one of them is to be made as a bowl of beautiful tempting hair mask. Have a bunch of strawberry and blend it in. Mix the mixture with some honey and coconut oil, 1 tsp each. Smear all to the hair, up to the root. Wait for fifteen minutes and rinse it with warm or cold water. Indeed, the mixture for these natural hair masks are very tempting. Yet, very good for hair mask.

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