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Keep Hydrated in Cold Weather is Very Important

Dehydration in cold weather can be very serious or even considered as dangerous. When it is summer, you will always know that you need more water. Even though it is not summer, you need to drink after the physical activities. Human body loses fluid in every activity even the weather is cold. But unfortunately the sign of thirsty or anything due to fluid loss will be very different when the temperature is significantly dropped, like in the winter.

Basically, the thirst alert is decreased up to 40 percent when the weather is pretty cold. This is why you do not feel dehydrated even though your body does. The blood vessels are tightened when the temperature is low. Actually, you lose the fluid during the respiratory activities. If you are doing hard physical activities during the cold weather, it is very possible that you lose so many fluids from your body. When it is cold, it does not mean that you are not sweating. The body still produces sweat but it is redeemed from the warmth property of your body. In order to know you are hydrated or not, you can check your urine. Urine with color such as yellow or more dense can indicate the dehydration in cold weather.

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