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How to Stop Nose Bleeding in Your Own

Nose Bleeding is quite normal to occur whenever there is fine blood vessel in the nose which breaks. There are many factors that can cause nose bleeding such as infection, allergic, and even picking or scratching a nose. Although it is quite common but you need to be aware. If this condition happens suddenly, you should know the proper way to stop nose bleeding.

When you previously stand up, try to sit or change position into leaning forward. Do immediate pressure in order to cease the bleeding in the nose. You can shut the nose for few minutes and let the breathing happens by using the mouth. You might pinch the nose by using devices. There are several devices that can help you reduce the bleed that come from the nose such as tape or depressor.

Common bleeding most likely will stop when you do this simple step. However, sometimes the bleeding might still occur after that simple treatment. If so, you might take benefit of nasal decongestant spray to stop nose bleeding. This spray will help contracting blood vessels in the nose. You had better to combine the spray with direct pressure treatment like what you have done previously.

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