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How to Prevent Stroke Effectively

Have you known how to prevent stroke effectively? You should know about it in order to free from stroke. As we know that stroke can be experienced by many people, actually people with hypertension. Here some tips for you to prevent stroke effectively:
  1. Try to do exercise every morning. You don’t need to do difficult exercise. You just need to spare your time to do simple exercise such as cycling and walking.
  2. Try to have ideal body. Overweight or underweight is not good for your health. Obesity can make you have a risk to get stroke.
  3. You should consume vegetables and fruits every day. Vegetable and fruits are good meals to prevent stroke.
  4. Avoid smoking. Smoking can make you have a risk to get hypertension and attacked by stroke.
  5. Don’t consume alcohol and meals that contains much salt. The both can improve the risk of stroke.
  6. Consume much water. Mineral water can launch digestive system and make you have ideal body. Ideal body is a key to prevent stroke.
Those are information for you about preventing activity you can do to prevent stroke. You can do it, and hopefully the tips about “how to prevent stroke effectively” above will be useful for you.

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