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How to Prevent Heart Disease Especially For Teenager

Heart disease is included into one of the many dangerous diseases that lead to death and as the statistic from WHO, these days, the amount of death that is caused by heart disease increase and the most incredible thing is heart disease may attack every people whether they are old or young. Therefore, keep body healthy is very important to do to prevent heart disease.

But, the life style of teenager this day is often away from healthy lifestyle. It is why teenager this day may have heart disease. Even if the heart disease does not come when they are still teenager, still it will increase the risk of having heart disease when they are old. That is why teenager must keep their health and avoid the possibility of heart disease by doing some exercise every day, it is fact that is just a few of teenager do exercise.

The next thing to do is to stop smoking, this day many teenagers smoke and it will make the possibility of heart disease increase. Teenager also needs to control their weight because loss weight and overweight will give bad effect for body. Keep healthy and balance eating, lessen the consumption of salt level on food, and also control the stress are the other way to keep healthy and away from heart disease.

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