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How to Prevent Cancer for Teenager

Keeping body to be health is very important to do and every people have to keep their body health for sake of their own. Keeping body to be health and away from any disease light disease or danger disease is the right of every human being. To be able to have healthy body, it should be done from the very beginning. Many people feel and find their self with any dangerous and lead to death disease such as cancer on the old age, but many of them also find their self have certain disease in the young age.

Among disease that may happen to old people and young people that lead to death is cancer. It is as reported by WHO that cancer causes death and almost 60 percent people in the world die because of cancer every year. There are things need to do to prevent cancer for teenager.

In order to avoid cancer disease, it is very important to consume food than contains antioxidant that is able to fight cancer trigger that is free radical. Besides that, for every people healthy life style is very important to do to keep healthy and away from disease especially cancer. And then, sun shine in the morning will give good effect but it is different from afternoon, since it contains UV and may lead to skin cancer.

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