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How to Control Gas and Avoid Embarrass Situation

Passing gas is a normal condition that every living organism do it every day. Normally individuals pass gas 13 to 21 times each day whether it is burp or fart. However there are moment in our life when we cannot control gas. It is so humiliating if there are many people around when we had burp or fart. So here are tips and tricks of how to control gas and avoid embarrass situation.
  1. Take a note. For starters, take a note of what you ate when you got a situation of not capable controlling gas. There are certain foods that naturally causes gas for example beans, cabbage, apple, pear, onions, dairy products, broccoli and cauliflower. You may not be controlled gas after you ate these foods or other foods. By taking a note you can identify what caused an excessive gas so you can avoid eating those foods.
  2. Chew gum. Gas makes you burp or belch. By chewing gums you can swallow most airs that make you burp.
  3. Eat slowly to decrease swallowed air.
  4. Avoid fizzy drinks. Fizzy drinks like soda, champagne are pumped with soda that makes them bubbly. Avoid these bubbly drinks and prefer to drink non-carbonated beverages.  
  5. Avoid apple juice and pear juice. These fruits are causing gas.
  6. Fix your teeth. Loose tooth pull more air into digestive system.
  7. Avoid high-fat foods. These kind of foods make you burp often.
  8. Take pills. Ask pharmacist at local drug store what kind of drugs that can help you how to control gas.

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