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Holding Your Pee could Affect Your Body in Overall

Human bladder is different from one and another. The repetition will be varied due to the condition of each human too. Basically, the bladder of human is able to hold up 0.5 liters of liquid or more. If the normal person takes 8 glasses of water or probably 2 liters per day, you should throw the liquid constantly in order to get rid of the bladder problem since it can only hold 0.5 liters in maximum number. When the bladder is full, it will send certain signal to the brain and then you will like peeing right now. Some people prefer to hold the pee until they feel like it is the time to throw away.

Even though human can hold the pee a little longer (each human can be different) but it is advisable to let it go as soon as possible. It will not affect your body work for the short-term effect. Perhaps you will find it difficult to concentrate during your holding thingy. But it can be very harmful if you are way too much in holding it. Urinary Transmitted Infection could happen if the bacterial which lies on the genital part is not flushed and it involves to the ureter as well as the human bladder.

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