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Healthy Food Recipe with Chia Seed That Will Make You Drool

Chia seed, just so you know, is one of a kind. The texture is nutty and so is the smell. It is irresistible, low fat, and most importantly it is healthy. If you go around some social media to see some healthy recipe, you will find that chia seed is the favorite. There are basically two kinds of it, the first is the white one and the second is the black one. The black one has the strongest aroma. The recipes for chia seed are also super simple to make.

First recipe will include chia seed, almond, and oats. You just need to make them frozen in one night freezing time in your freezer. Enjoy this one for your breakfast and you will be feeling full for a whole day! The second recipe will include avocado, chia seed, honey and lemon. You can take it as a replacement for guacamole. But this one is much healthier and simpler to prepare. The last recipe can be made for cake. Carrot cake, purple sweet potato cake, cassava cake, with the perfect mixture of other friendly and healthy ingredients. You cannot say no for this one, can you?

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