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Headache Attack When Working? Manage It!

What will you do when headache attack while you are working? First, if the headache often happens, probably you will take medicine and consume it. Well, it is the simplest and easiest way. Even so, there are things you need to do and the main thing is managing the headache. Do not let the headache take over your body and ruin the work. Drink lot of water after consuming the medicine. Well, usually medicine always has side effect, and the common side effect is sleepy. While you cannot leave the work, it will not suitable to consume medicine because of the side effect.

However, manage the headache will be better while you are in work. In order to manage it, you need find the trigger of the headache and relax yourself. If the trigger is light, then do something to the light. Sometimes the seat position may cause headache, therefore you need to relax your body and change the seat position.

Mint and lemon tea will help you to relax and it will be better for you. So, take a few times to break and relax your body, and free the stress. Massaging the back of the ear will also will help to lessen headache and make you relax.

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