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Get Rid of Dandruff with Vinegar

Dandruff is common hair problem among people. Even though it is not considered as dangerous health problem but it can be very annoying and ashamed. It is since it can lower self-confidence especially who interact with many people in their daily activity. There are a lot of ways that you can do to get rid of this hair problem. If you want to solve this dandruff problem in natural way perhaps you need try dandruff treatment with vinegar. It is quite simple and of course affordable compared with other treatments.

There are two types of vinegar which can have effective result in removing dandruff. The first type is none other than white vinegar. White vinegar cost most affordable among all types of vinegar. However, it has powerful effect to dandruff due to its acidic trait.  It does not require being stored in a fridge and can stay stable for long time. Apple-cider vinegar is another type which is effective to treat dandruff. Besides beneficial in killing the fungus on your head, it also helps to maintain the acidity in head scalp. Another advantage that you can get when using this vinegar is that it returns the shiny look of the hair.

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