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Fruit and Vegetables as the Best Source of Antioxidant

Where you can get antioxidant? Antioxidant is one of many molecules that are needed by human body; it will help the body to fight against free radical. The free radical may cause several diseases such as cancer, heart disease, premature aging, and cardiovascular disease, and even damage the cell in human body and weaken the immunity of human body. Moreover, in this unhealthy environment, there are so many free radical sources that enter the human body so easily such as smoke, pollution from vehicle, and the unhealthy life style.

As the trigger and source of free radical always grow ever day and increase the risk of many diseases to attack human body, the needed of antioxidant also grow to prevent the disease, fight the free radical and keep the body health. Nowadays, there are so many supplement contains antioxidant that is made by the researchers. But, still the best source of antioxidant is fruit and vegetables.

Fruit and vegetables are the main and natural source of antioxidant and it is better than the supplement that contains antioxidant, it is because the amount of antioxidant in fruit and vegetables are balance and the body will not react negatively, it is different from supplement that contains many chemical that may lead bad reaction. However, the natural is better.

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