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Fresh Foods as Sources of Natural Antioxidants

Have you known about fresh foods as sources of natural antioxidants? You have to know about it because your body need natural antioxidant to against free radical—the trigger of cancer. Here the list of fresh food you can consume and will fulfill your antioxidants need:
  • Tomato
Actually, this fruit is really good for your body because contains lycopene. Lycopene can against free radical and prevent cancer.
  • Garlic
Not only contains antioxidant, garlic contains other good nutrition that will make your body healthy and avoid serious disease called cancer.
  • Green tea
Green tea contains catechin polyphenol that is good to against free radical. You can consume three cup of green tea per day to get healthy body.
  • Broccoli
Broccoli contains sulforaphane that will make you free from various types of cancer.
  • Carrot
Carrot is the source of antioxidant, falcarinol and falcarindiol. That nutrition is good to prevent various types of cancer.

Besides the foods mentioned above, you can also consume spinach and strawberry. Those fresh foods will make you healthy and avoid many diseases. Hopefully the article about fresh foods as sources of natural antioxidant above will be useful for you.

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