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Foods That Will Handle Influenza Effectively

Having influenza will not make you comfortable and will ruin the activity. It will be troublesome when you are doing important task to do and you cannot think and work properly with influenza with you. Among ways that is chosen to cure the influenza that is usually done by every people are have influenza medicine to take away the influenza.

However, there are some foods that will help you to handle influenza when it has come or will come and interfere your activity. The first is fruit that is known rich of vitamin C that is orange. Orange is one of the many common and favorite fruits and it is known contains vitamin C and antioxidant. That substance will help body to fight against virus of influenza.

It is not only orange that is effective for influenza, red grape that contains resveratol and polyfenol also effective to fight virus of influenza. That substance will strengthen the immunity of the body therefore the virus of influenza will not able to enter and affect the body. The others food that will help to cure and prevent influenza are ginger that contains sesquiterpenses that will fight and attack the virus of influenza that enter the body.

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