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Essential Oils: What and How to Use It

Essential oil is the substance like liquid of hydrophobic made of extracted stems, leaves, and other elements from a plant. Actually it is not like literally oil because you may not find any fatty acid in it while oil contains certain kinds of fatty acid. Since it comes from extracted plants, it has nice fragrant and it is very suitable for aroma therapy due to the ability to bring relaxed-feeling. The other benefits are such as the anti-inflammatory ability, antioxidants, and many more. It can be great for cosmetic, cleaning purposes, and beauty product made of natural substance.

Essential oil is very suitable for beauty and skin health. Skin can absorb it so easily and keep your skin moistures. If you have dandruff issues, you can mix the oil in your shampoo. Other than that, it can be used as the help for cleaning your home. By putting the oil in the fridge, it can help to remove the bad smell in it. As we have said earlier, it has very nice smell which can be used as the spa relaxation. Stress and discomfort feeling can be relieved by using essential oil. Sunburn can be overcome by applying this substance to the skin surface. Migraine can also be cured with this thing.

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