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Easy Things to Do for Relieving Symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis

Having plantar fasciitis problem can give people uncomfortable experience especially when they wake up in the morning. They can experience the painful heel when they make the first step for getting out of the bed. The painful feel can be experienced anytime people get up after the position of sitting. There is no fun feeling at all if people have to deal with this health condition. They can go to the doctor to treat it but there are also some things which can be done easily for relieving the symptoms.

The first step can be painful but they can get the relief if they walk slowly with every step they take. It is necessary for taking it slow but continued. People can also roll the tennis ball or gold ball under their foot. This exercise can be started with sitting position first. The pressure while rolling the ball can be increased while they take standing position. However, they must not put their full body weight into the tennis or golf ball.

Stretching becomes the next effective thing which people can do for relieving the pain feeling in the heel caused by plantar fasciitis. They can also try soaking their feet in the warm bath of Epsom salt and massaging their feet after it.

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