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Do You Know? These 3 Diseases tend to be a Phenomenon in 2016?

Chicken pox, Tuberculosis, and Dengue Fever are three type of diseases we have experienced a long time ago. This is 2016, do you know that these “old” diseases will be potentially appearing in 2016?

Chicken pox has been experienced by many people around the world. In U.S., about 400-500 American had died because of some chicken pox contagion. That was before vaccines was being invented. The symptoms of chicken pox include fever, cough, flu, red and puffy eyes, and also red marks all over the body.

The next list we have here is Tuberculosis. The disease is caused by mycobacterium that happens to attack lung. The infection is spread through air and when the people infected get interaction with those who has been in cough and sneeze. The symptoms include extra fatigue, fever, and excessive weight loss.

On the last list, dengue fever places the third place. Just to remind a bit, the disease has been forgotten for the last couple of decades after antibiotic was being invented. In 2016, dengue fever, whose symptoms include fever, sore throat, headache, nausea, and red marks, will appear as one of the most contagious disease. Keep your environment healthy, get to know more these 3 diseases in 2016.

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