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Diet Change that Women need to Make in their 40s

For women in their 40s, aging is not having deal with weight gain. Women need to know how women should do with their 40s with means stay slim, healthy, reduce menopause symptom and cut health risk.   In their 40s and 50s , women are tend to put at least 1 pound a year and likely to drop due to activity rather than hormones. However, hormonal changes can shift body composition so you are able to tend gain more pound in the middle.

The first change is takes more fish oil supplement to reduce heart disease risk that tend higher with menopause. If it is impossible, take two serving fish per week with fish such as salmon, tuna, or halibut. Next is takes your healthy breakfast. When women get their aging, they decrease metabolism.  Next step is jumping metabolism by having strengthening training that also benefit for shore up bone healthy, maintain hormone balance and prevent injury.

The next is stress prevention. Stress inhibit for unhealthy changes include blood high pressure, less energy, lower libido, and faster cell death. The effect then, it makes women get aging faster. Take relax breath anytime when you get pressure. For food, boost with food that contain with rich calcium, vitamin D, and pump up protein.

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