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Diabetes, its symptoms, and how to diagnose it

What is diabetes? Diabetes is chronic medical condition related to the sugar high level condition in your blood. In this condition, insulin will be produced by pancreas that will lower your blood sugar. Then, the absence of insulin production will make your blood sugar getting higher. There is also another factor of your diabetes condition. The inability of your body to use insulin hormone properly will be another factor.

Types of Diabetes

There are two types of diabetes you have to know. They are type 1 and type 2. Those names will form the conditions of non insulin dependent and insulin dependent. There are also symptoms of diabetes you can know.

Diabetes type 1 can be diagnosed on children and teen. Meanwhile diabetes type 2 will be diagnosed in adult. The most symptoms of diabetes can be diagnosed on blood sugar and urine level.

There are some symptoms that can be diagnosed for this diabetes condition like dehydration, increased urination, thirst, and hunger.

How to diagnose diabetes?

For you who get increased urine and thirst, you can meet the doctor and check your blood sugar level. They will tell you about your diabetes diagnose. So, those are all discussions about what is diabetes.

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