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Dairy Products Substitute for Cow Milk Allergies

Milk and dairy products are very important as nutrients sources especially calcium for human’s bone growth. So, what happened for those who can’t consume milk especially cow’s milk? About 3 to 6 in every 100 infants and babies start to show the allergy’s symptoms in the first few months. Meanwhile, it is very uncommon for adults or older children because their allergy usually outgrow in the age of 5. They who can’t consume need to avoid dairy products including cow’s milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, butter, and other products that contain cow’s milk in them.

Will they experience calcium deficiency if don’t consume milk? Of course they won’t, if they consume dairy products substitutes that meet their calcium needs. For babies, instead of cow’s milk they can substitute it with soya milk that provide 60% calcium daily requirement for babies under one year. For those who older, foods that have high calcium (in every 100 gram) including tofu (510mg), sesame seeds (670mg), tahini (680mg), black treacle (500mg), soya beans (240mg), parsley (200mg), almonds (240mg), chick peas (160mg), and many others. Not only foods, you also need to take more attention on labels of medicines, cosmetics, ointments, and creams. Some of them contain with cow’s milk in any form.

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