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Chew Your Food, Cool the Disease Off

It might be a habit when someone who is very busy trying to digest their food fast. In fact, we must not do that in daily basis. As a source for our body, food contains and defines the stomach we have inside. The stomach we have will be thanking us later, if we only have a good habit; one of good habits is not only the food, but also the way we swallow it. Have you ever counted how many times have you chewed your food properly? If not, do you dare to try then? What’s the benefit of chewing your food?

Food needs to be chewed properly because it will help our internal organ to digest it. Believe it or not, but people who chew their food longer, at least 30 times, tend to be healthier than those who do not. They will not easily get hungry. They will also get the bonus that is a risk of getting cancer less. The saliva produced, when it is mixed with the food in our mouth especially fruits, will then produce the substance which will prevent us from getting cancer. A pretty shocking fact, but very useful indeed.

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