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Cautious! Sleep Too Long Will Give Bad Effect

Proper rest and sleep is one of the important elements of healthy life style because proper sleep and rest will make the body function go well and reduce the stress. Therefore, proper sleep is very important. You cannot leak of sleep or too much of sleep. Sometimes when people leak of sleep because of work, they will sleep the other day in very long time; well this habit is not good for body and may cause certain bad effect.

The bad effect of sleeping too long may lead to unwanted things relates to body health. First, when you sleep too long especially during the day, you will feel headache after awake. As the researchers believes that sleep too long especially during the day will ruin the function of brain.  As result headache cannot be avoided. 

Besides that, the other bad effects you will get is obesity and also increase the risk of diabetes because sleeping habit also has effect in influencing the blood sugar level in body and makes it unstable. Moreover, it will increase the possibility of heart disease and stroke. Therefore, the ideal sleeping is about 7-8 hours, not too short or too long. Balance it with healthy food and routine exercise will be better.

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