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Between the Germs in the Mouth with the Risk of Pancreas Cancer

A new study showed the possibility of relation between some kind of germs which are found in mouth with the risk of pancreas cancer. The scientists have identified two types of germs which are related to the higher risk of pancreas cancer. Those germs were back then associated with such diseases like gums inflammation and periodontitis.

How the Research Work

The research has been running for 10 years so far. The scientists take the sample from 361 persons who were healthy at the beginning of the research but they got pancreas cancer after that. Then, the scientist compared the sample with the other 371 volunteers who didn’t suffer pancreas cancer during the same period.

What is the Result

The research found that there is one strain of mouth germs which is related to the increasing pancreas cancer risk as much as 59% higher on the people who carry, as well as 119% higher cancer risk. The current speculation is that those who carry the germs are more vulnerable to the inflammation which is long related to the emergence of cancer.

The research are still being continued and developed until now. So, for the following time we should always remember to keep the mouth always clean to avoid any kind of germs which can cause pancreas cancer risk.

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