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Be Careful with Health Consequences of Insufficient Sleep

Due to insomnia, works, homework, or other activities, people are often going to bed past midnight. For those night owls, you need to be careful with your health because staying up late can be toxic for your body.

Short Term Consequences

Insufficient sleep will affect your behavioral, mental, and physical conditions. In short term, the appearances of people who don’t have enough sleep look bad including dark circle eyes, puffy eyes, sallow skin, and shabby appearance. They will easily feeling tired, hard to concentrate, moody, anxiety, and other mental disorders. That’s why they also prone to accidents while driving.

Long Term Consequences

Several studies learn about the relationship between habitually staying up late with poor health. Insufficient sleep is also associated with several chronic diseases including hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, and immune function disorder. Those potential health effects are the reasons why people who have not enough time for sleep have lower life expectancy. The studies revealed that sleep about 5 hours or less habitually can increase the mortality rate by roughly 15%.

They also easily gain more weight. During sleep, ghrelin, a hormone stimulates appetite is lowered and leptin, a hormone suppress hunger is increased. So, lack of sleep will disrupt those hormones production and make you to have more meals. You need to take a note, whatever your activities just make sure that you get enough sleep to avoid all those horrible health consequences.

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