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Avoid These Yoga Moves When You Get Menstruation

Yoga is a good exercise to keep us fit, fresh and healthy. Aside from that benefit, you is also believed to be efficient enough to relieve dysmenorrhea. However, for some reasons, yoga is not a suitable exercise to practice during your first and second day of period because of its some moves.
  1. The Flip Back. Flip back pose or inversion like a hand stand is not suggested. When you are doing a flip back, you have your head in the bottom and leg in the above, so your head is in the lower position than your leg. This move makes the menstrual blood discharge isn’t maximal.
  2. Twisting motion. Twisting motion on the stomach part should also be avoided because it can only add the cramp and pain during the beginning of period.
  3. Scorpion. The move which imitate scorpion’s pose can be avoided as it puts the head lower than the leg. The effect is by then the same with the flip back one.
  4. Boat Pose. The yoga pose which looks like a boat or letter V can only press the haunch and crotch area.
If you are in period and often feel aches in time, choose only the yoga moves which are soothing and relaxing for our muscles. If it’s really needed to do those pose, at least just do it for a very short extent.

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