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7 Healthy Reasons for You to Stay in Positive Emotions

Positive emotions should be something that you have in almost all time. It will not only bring positive impact to the people and the environment, but also improve your health, especially the health of your heart. There are seven healthy reasons to stay in positive emotions, get them all below.

Smooth Bloodstream

It typically happens in people who always have time for laugh every day. The laughter will make your blood flow smoothly and free inside the body. Of course, it will make your heart and the body in general healthy. Just meet a friend with whom you can get crazy times; you will give workout to your heart in this way.  

Reduce Stress   

Positive emotions will effectively reduce stress. It is because of the releasing of oxytocin hormone in good amount. You can get the hormone release by hugging someone in comfortable feeling. 

Lowering Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Amazingly, positive emotions gotten by someone also could lower the cholesterol and blood pressure. Write some love letters to your beloved one to help him/ her lowering cholesterol. And then have some special time to spend together to prevent him/ her from high blood pressure, whilst you can calm the nerves by holding hands together.

Furthermore, the positive attitude will also effectively lower the heart attack risk. Those are the healthy reasons to stay in positive emotions you should try.  

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