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6 Kinds of Headache Which Can be A Dangerous Sign

Everybody must have got a headache in their life. Sometimes it’s light enough that we can simply ignore, but the some other times, it can be hurt so bad that it disrupts your activities. By that case, you should not hesitate to check it to your doctor. Here are 6 types of headache which should get checked by the doctor.
  1. Whether your headache comes from stress, migraine, or cluster, you should go to the doctor if regular medicine you usually take does not work anymore so you add the dosage by yourself.
  2. The headaches which halt you to do daily activities like walking or make you lose appetite, and can’t focus for more than two days.
  3. The headache which worsens day to day.
  4. The headaches which are related to other neurology conditions, like convulsion for example. We should be aware that patient may have internal bleeding in the brain which is caused by haemorrhaging.
  5. The headaches which come after having bumps or punch in the head.
  6. The headaches which come with the weakening muscles and numbness in  other body’s parts, the changing behavior, changing speaking ability or changing sight and vision. It can be a sign of stroke or brain cancer.

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