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4 Wrong Ways to Maintain Breast Health

Breasts become an important asset for women. It can make women more beautiful and attractive. Unfortunately, there are many woman treating breasts wrongly affecting breast health.  What are the wrong ways to keep the health of breasts?

Putting Plaster on the Nipples

Putting plaster on the nipples is done by women wearing no bra but they want to look amazingly beautiful. To avoid nipple poking, this way is the alternative one. This way is very dangerous for needles. The plaster may make nipples irritated and wound regarding that breasts are sensitive.

Getting Breast Botox

Breast Botox is ordinarily conducted to gain firm and beautiful breasts. Unfortunately, injection of botox is risky on the breast health and beauty. Continuing botox can cause breast cancer and the other diseases. It is caused that there will be possibly blood clotting on the breasts.

Waxing Breast Hair

The next wrong habit is waxing hair on the breasts. This way is claimed to make irritation on the breasts. Cleaning or waxing hair is not a right step to have impressing and beautiful breasts. The wrong method of waxing enables you to get irritation and wound.

Piercing Breasts

There are some women being proud and sexy of having pierce on the breasts. This way is actually an unpleasant thing. It will close you to the risks of breast cancer. Moreover, for those women having sensitive skin on the metal, it completely gets your breasts painful and rash.

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