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4 Types of Headache That You Should Know

There are many types of headache suffered by many people. The causes of those headache types are not always same. There are some causes of headache. What are they? Here are some headache types based on its causes.

Headache on Eyebrow and Forehead

If you often have headache on forehead and eyebrow, a big possibility is that you have tension headache. It is generally caused by much stress and pressure. Muscles become tense so that it makes headache. Try reducing the consumption of coffee and do relaxation massage on those areas.

Headache on the Jaw and Chin

Headache on the jaw and chin becomes the other types of headache. It is ordinarily induced by toothache. If you suffer this headache, it does not need headache drug. But, you have to drink toothache medicine. 


Migraine is usually felt on the half side of head. It occurs from the pressure on the head. Some people have tendency to get migraine. It is better to avoid crowded and light places. Consult to the doctor because migraine is more painful than a general headache.

Full Headache

If your headache attacks all areas of head, do not let it only. This headache can be an extraordinary headache. It possibly becomes a stroke cause or aneurism. Try taking a quick step to relieve this headache because it is categorized to be dangerous types of headache.

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