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4 Triggers of Sudden Heart Attack

All this time we think it’s enough to just keeping the cholesterol in the normal level and having regular exercise to have a healthy heart. In fact, aside from cholesterol there are four other reasons which can be a trigger for an unexpected heart attack that you must know.

1. Irregular Heavy Meal

Having a heavy meal out of the regular habit—even just once—should be avoided. This kind of activity can suddenly spike the insulin level in your body which causes your blood vessels shrinking.

2. Morning

This happens to those who has already diagnosed with heart disease. The risk of getting heart disease is bigger in the morning, since the blood vessel is thickening in the morning. The best way to avoid the tragedy is by consuming blood diluents medicine before 6 am.

3. Influenza

Complication like influenza and pneumonia can get your chest felt like being pressed that it’s hard for the lungs to breathe oxygen efficiently. It makes our heart work harder and can cause disorder which is related to stress.

4. Heavy Activities

Exercise is important, but too hard ones is not suggested. Heavy activities can cause lack breathing, reduced oxygen flow in the blood stream, and put the burden to the heart which can cause heart attack.

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