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4 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Panda Eyes

Having severe eye bags or we can say panda eyes is not cute. Instead, the panda eyes will make us look tired and hollow. Hence, you should be happy to find these natural treatments to get rid of panda eyes.

1.     Cucumber

The classic way to get rid of panda eyes and reduce the inflammation which caused eye bags is by compressing the eyes with the slices of cucumber. Cucumber has anti-oxidants like vitexin, orientin, cucurbitacins, isoscoparin, as well as vitamin C and K which reduce the color changing under the eyes.

2.     Potato

Potato has vitamin C and other nutrition which can help you getting rid of the panda eyes. Keep potato in the freezer for 30 minutes, cut it to thin slices and cover your eyes with it for 15 minutes.

3.     Avocado

Avocado has the ability to get rid of panda eyes caused by dry skin. The fat acid in the avocado can make the skin around the eyes to be moisturized and elastic again. It can also stimulate the blood circulation around the eyes to reduce swollen eyes.

4.     Green Tea Bag

You can compress your eyes with the used green tea bag as it can reduce the effect of your swollen eyes. Green tea has many anti-inflammation substances which can calm the sensitive skin, stimulate the circulation of blood and anti-aging.

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