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2 Side Effects of Drinking Too Much Lemon Water

Drinking lemonade water is like a new trend today. However, no matter how much benefits you get from drinking lemon water, you should still pay attention if you’ve been drinking it too much. In fact, drinking too much lemonade water could possibly bring damages to your body.
  • Stomachache

Drinking lemon water too much or too often will only bring like a burning sensation to your chest. It is one of the most acid fruits so consuming it exaggeratedly will only make you vulnerable to any kind of stomachache.
  • Scrapping Enamel
Drinking lemonade water without rinsing it with mineral water will put your teeth on danger. The high acidic content in the lemon can scrap the enamel or the protector shield of the teeth. By then, it can also cause cavity and other kind of teeth sensitivity syndromes. To reduce this side-effect, you can try to drink the lemon water using straw. But still, drinking lemonade water all day long to substitute mineral water is not recommended.

It’s okay if you want to be healthy by drinking lemonade water, however, you shall consume it in the considerable amount. While you are trying to lessen the excessive lemon water, you can try the other fruits for your infused water like papaya or melon.

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