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Managing Arthritis Symptoms with Herbs and Spices

When people suffer from arthritis, one or more joints in their body become inflamed. It is kind of joint disorder with various kinds of types. There can be various signs and symptoms which will appear as well. The symptoms of arthritis can be managed by using herbs and spices after all.


The agony which comes when people have arthritis can be eased by using ginger. It is useful for reducing swelling, inflammation, and of course pain. People can simply massage the affected area with ginger oil and expose it to the sun for about 5-10 minutes for generating the warmth. They can also chew some slices of fresh ginger as or just drink ginger tea in daily basis.


Turmeric can be good herb for arthritis remedy because it comes with curcumin. It is kind of active ingredient which comes as antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties. For getting its benefit, people can drink hot turmeric milk in daily basis. They can also consume turmeric capsule.


If people are looking for anti-inflammatory properties with strong performance, they will find it in garlic. That is why taking garlic will be useful for fighting against the pain and swelling due to arthritis. They can just eat raw garlic cloves or take garlic capsule. Garlic oil can be used for massage.

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