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Causes of Brown Spot in Different Parts of the Eyes

Sometimes you might find any brown spot appears in your eyes. The external part which is affected by this spot from one person to another can be different. This kind of spot although mostly is not dangerous but it is annoying since it harasses good look. However, monitoring from optometrist is needed especially if the spot develops.

Spot in conjunctiva

Brown spot can appears in conjunctiva or transparent tissue that protects white part of the eyes. Conjunctiva contains pigmented cells which are able to produce over amount of pigment which lead to the appearance of spot.  This spot should be examined to prevent for more severe eye problem.

Spot in sclera

The spot with brown colour is also often found in the white part of the eyes or known as sclera. This kind of spot is quite normal and does not provide dangerous health risk.

Spot in iris

Another part of the eyes where the brown spot can be commonly seen is on the iris or the part of the eyes that which has colour. Over production of iris pigment also can lead to the appearance of the spot in the eye. Particular type of pigment that cause this spot also can be the sign of problem in the eyes. Hence, it needs quick examination.

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